Awww snap, you decided to read more. 🙌🏾 That makes me happy.
I'm Will Goff. I'm a product designer from Chicago living in Champaign-Urbana. My philosophy on design is straightforward. I believe in process, hard-work, and that good ideas should accompany fine-execution. I've worked with Chance the Rapper's SocialWorks, Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive, some brilliant creatives at Blavity, and more.
In the meantime, you'll catch me baahhlasting "Love and Compromise" by Mahalia, tackling creative projects with my buddy Ausar, and keeling over from laughter and song with 📺​​​​​​​ YouTube's Terrell Grice. I really like meeting new people, so follow me on Instagram or Twitter; I'm always down to rap (I also mean that literally—challenge me to a freestyle)