Wanna learn about me? Awww shucks. I'm honored and  humbled. 🙏🏾
With all sincerity, thanks for reading on! My name's Will; I'm a graphic designer from Chicago currently in Chambana. I've built visual identities and print collateral for companies of all sizes. My philosophy on design is straightforward — I believe in process, hard-work, and that good ideas must accompany fine execution. I've worked with Chance the Rapper's SocialWorks, Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive, some brilliant creatives at Blavity, and many more!
In the meantime, you'll catch me unashamedly listening to "thank U, next" by Ariana Grande, tackling creative projects with my buddy Ausar, engaged in heated debates about Soulja Boy's contribution to rap culture, and ER-diagramming Jay-Z's blueprint to success — I mean, who doesn't want to crack the code to billionaire status?